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European Jewellery Company

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AboutThe Client

The name really speaks for itself. European Jewellery Company are a large scale company which operate through Euro. They pride themselves on great prices and a truly excellent user experience.


About this project

As the project would a high-stakes target for any would-be hackers and cyber criminals, it was of upmost importance that the website be completely locked down, while also keeping a complete log of any activity which may occur. In the case of a potential break-in, there are a lot of rules which must be follow in order to avoid both negative press and hefty legal fees. If these are not followed, the fees can easily cause even a large scale business to go bankrupt and shutdown.

Our team worked hard to produce a secure and rich platform which allowed for the client to control each aspect of their website and assign roles to other staff members too. We worked with the client throughout in order to show them the progress being made and equally, what they could expect alike. Moving forward meant a lot of testing and validation to confirm that everything was as perfect as can be. Our team really out-did themselves on this project—and needless to say, we are all very proud!