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How Much Does Website Creation Cost?

How Much Does Website Creation Cost?

Perhaps you are a small business looking for a way to build a website? Or just someone who wants to redesign your site so you can effectively communicate your goals? Whatever your reasons are, here’s an insight of how much website design will cost.

Basic Website

For a basic website, the average for web design is ranges from free or $50 to $5000. This could be free as you can basically create your website. But if you want a professional web development agency to create it for you, then the basic price ranges from $50 to $5000.

Advanced Website

The next level, Advanced Website, typically ranges from $8000 to $30, 000. In this, there usually includes tools that allow you to update your website by yourself if you had it built by a professional agency. This way, you don’t have to pay regularly for the upgrade as you can do it yourself.

Custom Website

If you want something that’s completely customized, then you can get a Custom Website for about $15, 00 to $100, 000 or more. This is a larger website with features and functionalities that are advanced and custom fit to your needs. In this kind of website, you can ask for whatever you need and your web developer and designer will work on it for you.

So these are basically how much it costs for the main types of website. Of course, it all depends on the professional web development agency you hire. This means the cost for web development and design may be less or more.

If you have any questions or queries you can call us on 020 3151 7830 or email us at Alternatively, If you want to boost your online presence, We are always here to help. We can design, develop, maintain and host your site. We can also help improve your SEO rankings and protect your website from various threats. Ask for a free quote now!

Arif has been working as an SEO Specialist and Digital Marketer for 7 years. Brand exposure is important in today’s highly competitive market. In an increasingly online world, any brand’s digital visibility plays a huge role in driving its revenue. Arif works towards improving and more importantly, sustaining organisation's online presence. Arif tailors his approach to SEO and Digital Marketing according to the company’s specific needs. Contact us today to get a free consultation, and see how we can revamp your organisations online presence and lead it to success.

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